XenaCommanders Place

"Participating in Life"

Welcome to Commanders Place.

If you have got this far...  Welcome..   This web site was created after a couple of attempts to find a place to put my photos of my Motorhome building project.   It seems I can put them here and I have the advantage of having a web site as well.   Bonus.   I even managed to score a unique domain name...  Cool huh.?  How geeky is that!!

I guess before I go too far an explanation of the name XenaCommander is called for.   This has developed over time and comes from combining a couple of my favourite pastimes..  Motorbikes and Geocaching.   
A passion of mine is touring NZ on a motorbike.  One of which is my BMW R1150RT. She was christened Xena by a friend at time of purchase. The name stuck and even though I have changed bikes (new bike pictured left) it is still called Xena.    An apt name for her as she has carried me without too much trouble,  like a warrior princess for many a mile.

Another addiction..  Oops I mean interest I have is Geocaching.   If you haven't heard about Geocaching check out the Geocaching Web Site.

When you sign up you need a profile name.   My close friends have learnt that I am a retired naval officer so they have nicknamed me "Commander"..    So put them together and XenaCommander was a reasonable name for my Geocaching profile name.   It has sort of stuck and is often even abbreviated to XC which I also respond to.!!      anyway..  call me anything except late for dinner.!    I have continued using the "handle" for a number of things so thought I would use it here too..    Any comments are welcome..!

This web site is also for my friends and family to keep track of what I am up to in my life...  Although I don't see them on a regular basis you can always come here and catch up with what I am up to. 

I intend to keep it up to date with notes and pics about my adventures.  I am not sure anyone else would want to read this but you are all welcome...   It will be a good chronicle of my lifestyle and interests.


Commanders Rest

A little while ago after a long battle with the local council over selling my  "Leaky Home" I finally managed to get rid of it and free myself from years of hassle.   Once everything was settled  I was in a position to ask myself what I wanted to do next about a home and where I wanted to live.      Ex wives had whittled down my assets so I couldn't afford to buy another house in Auckland...  And I didn't want to load up with another mortgage at my stage of life...

So where do I want to call home.??  There is no particular place in New Zealand that I would like to settle so I thought there must be another answer..   

Why don't I live everywhere...!  Simple really.   So I started to look at Motor Homes.  A lot of them were converted buses but I kept hitting my head on the deck-head (ceiling for land based people..!)   That might be OK for a weekend camp but not to live in.   Then one day browsing Trade Me I spotted the truck you can see on the right here...    It had been listed for quite a while..   I put it on my watch list and kept fingers crossed.   The house sale had not been finalised so I couldn't buy it at that time.   Weeks went by and I was getting nervous that someone might buy it. 

It was located down in Mosgiel and I had occasion to ride Xena down to Invercargil on a motorcycle tour so stopped in for an inspection.   Very cool.   It is an ex mobile X-Ray unit from Japan.  The importer had stripped out all the machinery and lead that lined the back so it was empty.   I made an offer and gave him a deposit to hold it for me.   Sold.

So there it was down in Mosgiel and I didn't even have a licence to drive it.   I needed a Class 4 HT licence.   I arranged to get my Class 2 first but couldn't wait for the 3 months needed before I can sit the Class 4 so I called my Arborist daughter Julie who has all the licences for big trucks and we flew down and drove the truck back.    I did drive it some of the way..  "under supervision".   A great trip with a bonus of spending quality time with youngest daughter.

So this is the project for the next couple of years.   To fit out the truck into a motorhome.   You can follow progress on my truck blog for the ongoing construction adventures as there are bound to be some fun times to be had.  

The picture on the left is the latest look after panel and paint job..  Check Blog for progress.

Of course it needed a name and so far "Commanders Rest" seems to be the popular choice as it will be where I come to rest after work. 

 Life these days is about commuting down to Turangi where the truck is kept...   and working on the fit out of the inside of the truck into a motorhome...

This has meant that some of the other addictions...  I mean interests have slowed down a bit..  Like Geocaching only seems to be done when I am traveling in Australia these days..    Motorbike rides are still happening but not as many as before apart from the run from Auckland to Turangi which seems to happen every weekend...   All good fun..  No projected date of completion...  Just enjoying the process.

Stay tuned for updates...


Life Education

For a long time now I have called myself a "Student of Life".   Life intrigues me...  Of course "Life" is a big subject so how does one even think about learning about everything in Life..   Well the best place to start and I guess the only place to start is to live life and learn about how life has affected me.   

There isn't too many places one can go to learn about your self in life.  Education when I went to school (which I admit was a long time ago) focused on learning information, skills to find work and make a living in the world.   

In my education years I remember learning how to read, write...  do some maths...   Geography... Bookkeeping... I even did some woodwork and science... But there wasn't much that taught me about me.   That answered the questions like:  Why I am the way I am...?   Why do I do the things I do..?  Why I feel the things I do..?   Why do I react the way I do..?

Not that in my early days I had the urge to find all the answers because I was too busy making a mess of my life... But as time went by it became necessary.  

In 1986 I came to a crisis point in my life.  I needed to find the answer to some of these questions and went looking for answers.   Maybe one day I will write more detail about what the crisis was but I finally found somewhere where I could focus on me and my "stuff".

This opportunity was in the form of a workshop..  A very intense personal development workshop.    ( I won't mention the name of it at the moment as I am not too sure if that is the right thing to do on a site like this).  This experiential workshop spun me around and gave me an experience of myself that I had never had before.  

In short it changed my life and my life view.     In the following years I participated in many workshops and seeing the value that it had in my life I decided to train to teach similar workshops and created Life Seminars Ltd to do so.

Through the rest of the 80's and the 90's I was teaching workshops that touched the lives of many people.    I came to realise that by teaching I learn about myself...  and by learning about myself I can teach other people about themselves.  All in all a win win situation.    I have never professed to be an expert at anything but I do have insights that have helped many people.

The wave of this type of course passed and by end of the 90's there was insufficient support for them to be a viable so I had to return to IT work.  

I do miss teaching.    I am creating a web site where people can come to and ask questions. I will put a link here when I am happy with it.

Hope you come and participate.